On-premise PBX systems

Our on-premise PBX systems are best-suited to businesses with many staff who each need a phone handset to make and receive calls, but don’t always use the phone.

In this situation, a business may require 20 handsets, but only 3 or 4 phone lines for concurrent use. Although there is an initial cost to install an on-premise system, significant cost savings are made over time by not paying for licences for 20 different lines.

Unlike a cloud-based system, an on-premise PBX system is installed in your IT room. Our IP communication systems are ideal for your move to the NBN, and accommodate future business growth and new technologies as they emerge.

Key features of our on-premise phone systems include:
  • Unified communications are supported
  • Hybrid system supporting digital and SIP trunks
  • NBN-ready
  • Mobile integrations and apps at each extension – desktop and mobile
  • IP-based handsets – digital, cordless, SIP, doorbells
  • Auto attendant and IVR

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