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Say goodbye to clunky on-premise phone systems and move your business phones seamlessly to the Cloud.

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Cloud PBX Explained

Cloud PBX Australia Phone System Features

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Listen to office voicemail on the go. Have your voicemails automatically emailed to you as audio files (.WAV format).

Hunt group

Assign your staff to a particular group (eg. Sales team) and set up a number that rings all group members.

Auto attendant

Greet callers with an interactive welcome menu (eg. Press 1 for Accounts, Press 2 for Sales). Also called an IVR.

Divert to multiple

Divert to a mobile, and optionally, set up a chain of diversions (to other mobiles and landlines) if that number rings out.

Never 'busy'

Don’t lose calls to the ‘busy’ tone. If your line is busy, calls can be set up to overflow to other lines and numbers.

Simultaneous ring

Create a custom ringing pattern. Have calls ring a group of staff, either one-by-one, or all at the same time.

Call park & pickup

Need to take a call somewhere private? Simply ‘park’ the call and pick it up from a different office extension.

Do not disturb

If you need to take a break, DND lets you present a ‘busy’ tone. Incoming calls will go to voicemail or (if set up) redirected.

Call forwarding

When your line is busy, call forwarding directs your incoming calls to a different number (instead of voicemail).

Being cost conscious, the bundle made perfect sense for us.

Jason B, Town Planning Consultant

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