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What are the Benefits of a Softphone for Business?

What are the Benefits of a Softphone for Business?

Softphone is short for ‘software phone’ and is an application that can establish a connection to a business phone service provider to make and receive calls. With a user-friendly interface that functions much the same way as a regular phone, users are able to access all the features that come with their business VoIP solution.

A softphone is suitable for all Australian businesses, including those who have already upgraded to VoIP on the NBN, and those still on the PSTN. It can be used on any type of computer (laptop or desktop), a smartphone, or even a tablet, as long as you can connect to the internet.

All the standard functionality you use in the workplace—for example, line hunt, call transfer, voicemail, IVR—can continue via the softphone app. Your usual business number is also shown when making outgoing calls.

Benefits of a Softphone for Business

As outlined in an earlier article, softphones allow your business to mirror your office phone system to use at home, avoiding the need to forward business calls to a mobile.

Here, we further explore the benefits for your business:

Remote Capabilities

If your business has staff working from home, a softphone is a must-have. Even without a formal work from home arrangement, softphones provide an essential connection with your business and clients. If an emergency arises when employees are unable to travel to the office, or the business premises has an unscheduled closure, the softphone provides remote capabilities to ensure business continuity. Your team members can initiate call forwarding to their mobile device with the click of a button.

Unified Business Communications

Having softphone connectivity not only makes it easier for your team to communicate internally, but it unifies how your business connects with clients. Users are able make calls via the softphone app on their mobile device, and clients see the incoming call as your office phone number. And when your clients call your business, they have the same experience each time, regardless of where your staff are.

24/7 Employee Connectivity

One of the main benefits of a softphone is the ability for around-the-clock employee connectivity–especially for a business providing critical services. With a simple app download, any member of your team can add softphone capabilities to a computer or mobile device and take it anywhere.

Conversely, the softphone app can be an important tool in ensuring the work-life balance of your employees. Rather than calling from their own mobile number (which could be saved by clients) if they’re unable to come into the office, the softphone app shows calls to clients as coming from their office number. The app can then be set to only the hours your employee is scheduled to work.

If your business has yet to experience the benefits of a softphone, you’re missing out on a range of benefits.

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