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Top Misconceptions about VoIP for Small Business

Top Misconceptions about VoIP for Small Business

VoIP phone systems for small business have become the primary technology across Australia for making and receiving calls.

With the NBN rollout across Australia, VoIP phone systems for small business have become the primary technology for making and receiving calls.

Even so, we regularly hear a number of misconceptions about VoIP for small business. We’ve previously busted a number of myths about NBN business phone systems, and now follow up with a few more that we’ve heard since that article was published.

Myth #1: VoIP has poor call quality

It’s a common misconception that calls made over Voice over IP are worse than their landline alternatives. The reality is that with a decent internet connection, VoIP calls sound better than traditional phones.

VoIP calling uses wideband audio that supports twice the audio frequencies provided by analog phones. Your phone will automatically adapt to the available bandwidth to provide high-quality sound.

Many VoIP handsets also offer noise-canceling features that improve the sound quality of every call. If you have an NBN internet connection, voice traffic will be crystal-clear.

However, there is a reason why this myth exists. When we hear of businesses experiencing poor voice quality over VoIP, it’s usually because they’re using an NBN configuration for residential users, rather than one capable of handling the demands of business.

If business calls are of poor quality over your VoIP system, there are often ways to improve that just by contacting our team.

Myth #2: VoIP is expensive

Businesses these days need to do more with less. Sticking to a budget is the key to survival. It's no wonder why phone system costs are regularly reviewed.

VoIP is the most cost-effective phone system you can choose. Compared to traditional phone lines and systems, a cloud-based VoIP system can save your business thousands every year. One of the key cost efficiencies is that you’re able to skip the expensive line rental for each phone number that your business was previously forced to pay each month. 

Legacy telecom providers also charge extra for business features such as auto attendants, conference calling and voicemail. With VoIP, these features are included in your business phone system.

Compared to analog phone systems, VoIP is a no-brainer. Virtual phone systems like those provided by Comsource have everything your team needs to stay in touch. They also come at a low cost every month, with options to lease rather than buy your business phone handsets to maintain a healthy cashflow. 

Myth #3: VoIP is difficult to install

Several years ago, businesses needed telecom experts to install and configure their phone system. This often meant bulky PBX equipment and wiring to connect employees to their desks.

Setting up a cloud-based VoIP phone system is as easy as downloading an app. Without any technical knowledge, you can manage your phone numbers, call flows, and users.

VoIP desk phones are considerably easier to set up than a conventional PBX. And at Comsource, we make it even easier for our customers to connect. All of our systems are configured and tested before courier dispatch, so all you need to do is open the box and plug your system in.

Myth #4: You can’t keep your current phone numbers with VoIP

The days of phone companies holding your old phone number hostage when your switch carriers are over.

In Australia, consumers can assign their phone number to any phone service provider. This process of keeping your existing landline numbers when you switch is known as porting. At Comsource, we'll guide you through completing the number transfer request. All you need is a recent phone bill to get it started.


Obtain free expert advice

There’s no need to navigate through the complexities of business phone systems by yourself. Speak to the experts at Comsource to determine the best phone system for your business.

We’re a leader in phone systems and internet for small to medium businesses – it’s all we do!

When you speak with one of our expert advisers, we’ll assess your needs for:

  • Business and staff locations, and whether they sometimes work from home.
  • The right NBN plan available for your needs in your area.
  • The features you’ll need with your phone handsets, and our recommendations of the right handsets for your business.
  • Whether it suits your business to rent or buy your handsets outright.
  • The future needs of your business, so your phone system can grow with you.
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