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Moving Office (and Your Phones) Made Simple

Moving Office (and Your Phones) Made Simple

Moving your business or office location requires planning to maintain continuity with your phones, network and computers, and vendors and suppliers - and make the most of the move.

Moving your business or office location requires planning to maintain continuity with your phones, network and computers, and vendors and suppliers – and make the most of the move.

You’ve found your new office location, arranged the move with your employees and stakeholders, created a new seating plan and office layout, and booked the removalists.

But apart from the obvious, there are a few more simple ways to keep your business running smoothly when you move:

It helps to be in the Cloud when you move your business phones

The good news is that unlike the old days, moving your phones to a new location is a simple process with the Cloud. There’s no downtime, and you won’t ever have to change your phone numbers.

If your phone numbers have already been ported from copper to VoIP (Cloud or SIP trunks), they become virtual numbers. This means geography is no longer an issue – you’ll never need to change your numbers again, no matter where you move to. It’s just a case of plugging your router into the new broadband feed at the new premises, and the phones will work as normal.

For businesses with an On-premise system that still uses the copper network, a move to a new Telstra exchange area would require new phone numbers or exchange-based diversions. In reality though, VoIP makes these diversions almost a thing of the past.

Rather than moving an On-premise system and its phone numbers from one exchange to another, the best option is to port your copper lines to VoIP (Cloud or SIP) in the process of your move. This will then mean your business keeps its phone numbers, plus your system will be compatible with the NBN.

Is your business planning a move and needs to switch to the Cloud? Speak to our consultants today to find out how Comsource can provide a safe pair of hands for your move.

Sort out your network access before the move

At least a week before moving in, it’s a good idea to make sure your wireless access and LAN points all work in the new office, and if appropriate, your network and servers.

And although your removalist company may offer to set up your workstations and business equipment, it’s often a smarter idea to arrange a small team of your employees to do this instead. This way, you’ll know your computers are set up by someone familiar with how your equipment works, and they can test that it all works as it should.


Only move the files you need – dispose or digitise

If your office has filing cabinets with old documents from last century, and staff have draws full of suspension files, moving premises is the perfect time to declutter. In the months leading up to your move, have your entire staff go through files and shred all unnecessary documents.

It’s also wise to take the opportunity to archive old files digitally and store them in the Cloud. Rather than paying for the cost of removals, arrange a professional scanning service well ahead of your move to digitise any client files you are required to keep. They can usually arrange for their secure disposal after digitisation as well.

Use colour coding for your furniture and new floor plan

In the lead-up to the removalists coming, colour coded stickers are an easy way to make sure the right furniture and boxes move to the right department or section of your office. You can use this colour coding for your floor plan to guide your staff and the removalists exactly where everything should go.


Don’t forget to let the rest of the world know you’re moving!

Your business will likely need to notify many other parties of your move. Here are some that are easily forgotten:

  • Arrange a mail redirection with Australia Post.
  • Advise government agencies, delivery services, office suppliers, vendors, and your customers of your new address.
  • Update your address on employee business cards, company stationery, your website, email signatures and online profiles (e.g. your Google business listing).
  • Transfer your insurance.

Free expert advice

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