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How Businesses Can Save Thousands With Cloud Phones

How Businesses Can Save Thousands With Cloud Phones

There are significant cost savings for businesses to switch their phone lines to Cloud Phones over the NBN ahead of time.

As the NBN rollout continues, many small to medium businesses have connected their internet, but haven’t yet made the switch to the NBN for their phone lines. It’s something that’s often put in the ‘too hard basket’ until they approach their cut-off date.

What businesses often don’t realise however, is that there are significant cost savings in switching their phone lines to Cloud Phones over the NBN ahead of time.

Where are the cost savings of Cloud Phones?

To understand where your business can be saving money, first consider your actual phone lines. Traditional PSTN or ISDN phone lines over copper wires are charged line rental. Even before a single call is made, rent in advance is payable for the cables coming into your building.

By switching to Cloud Phones and VoIP, this line rental cost is avoided. Often, calls to landlines and mobiles are generally cheaper too.

For the average small to medium business with five to 15 phone lines, eliminating the cost of line rental alone can save thousands each year.

A Cloud Phone system usually removes the need to pay technicians

On-premise equipment (such as Commander phone systems) age and require a technician visit to add new features, such as music on hold, or new phone lines. The average cost of this is around $150 a visit.

With Cloud Phones set up by a specialist business phone system provider like Comsource, this is all done remotely within seconds, and at no cost to the business.

Business continuity during phone outages

With copper phone lines, there is also a hidden cost to your business during network outages. Cloud Phones help businesses stay connected to their customers, and avoid the cost of losing potential clients when they can’t call you.

One of the main myths about Cloud Phones is that when the internet goes down, the phone lines also go down.

While this is technically true, the reality is that businesses that rely on the phone can have 4G backup to ensure continuity and the ability to make and receive calls during outages.

In the days of old, when the copper phone lines experienced an outage, there was little that could be done as a fall back.

These charges all add up, and equate to well over $1,000 per year for an average sized business with five+ handsets.

Free expert advice

There’s no need to navigate through the complexities of business Cloud Phone systems by yourself – we make it simple! Speak to the experts at Comsource to determine the best phone system for your business today.

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