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Is NOW The Time to Move to VOIP?

Is NOW The Time to Move to VOIP?

VOIP has come of age, it is now THE choice for small and medium sizes businesses, outpacing new copper wire connections in Australia.

VoIP has come of age; it is now THE phone system of choice for small and medium sizes businesses, outpacing new copper wire connections in Australia.

To be fair, the NBN has required that many businesses move to a VOIP solution and elsewhere the copper infrastructure is simply not good enough, but reliability and cost effectiveness have nevertheless driven a swing to virtual telephony. Here are a few reasons to make the move:

1) Costs – VOIP lines are a fraction of cost of traditional landlines and the call costs are invariably comparable or cheaper, meaning the more lines your business needs, the greater the savings on line rental each month.

2) Flexibility – When requesting additional lines (or moving premises) a technician is no longer needed to install new lines and ‘jumper’ services at the exchange, with VOIP your new lines are ready within hours, the new phone handsets arrive by courier, just plug in and start talking.

3) No more PABX issues, no more phone tech visits – You don’t even need a PABX system to handle your phone hardware, your phones plug straight into your modem / router and all settings are handled by Comsource (e.g: line hunt, voicemail, call forwarding, hold music). This is a Cloud Solution known as Hosted PBX, speak to your Account Manager today to find out more.

4) Multiple locations talk free of charge – All ‘on account’ calls on VOIP are free of charge. Should you have branch offices nationwide, so long as all numbers are on the same account, there is no charge for calls from one office to another.

5) Softphone for home workers – You can work from home with a virtual replica of your desk phone, as long as there is good ADSL service nobody need know that you are working from the kitchen table.

6) Reliability – Having your calls handled by the Internet instead of the aging copper network is proven to reduce fault related downtimes, the Internet isn’t perfect but it rarely stops functioning after a major weather event. The NBN has been particularly useful in providing reliable high speed access to the Internet.

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