Cloud PBX Phone System

Run your office phones through the Internet with a Cloud PBX. Be NBN ready and get functionality previously reserved for big corporations. At a fraction of the cost of traditional on-premise systems these phone systems are supplied ready to work out of the box, no technicians required.

Cloud simplicity

No expensive central box to buy, maintain or secure – we make all the changes within minutes in the cloud for you. That’s one less piece of equipment to worry about.

Grows as you grow

New lines can be added in minutes, new phones can be configured and despatched within 24hours , new offices already ready – plug the phones into the new modem and its business as usual.

Customised Greeting

We create a customised menu for incoming calls and a customised after hours message – present a professional image to all of your callers whatever the time of day.

Multi-site ready

The cloud has no boundaries, all of your locations are connected to the same phone system, answer calls for absent colleagues, for inter-state offices, or even while working from home.

Australia Hosted

So that your data privacy obligations are guaranteed, our Cloud PBX solutions are managed from within Australia by market leading Equinix Data Centres.

Cloud PBX Features

Cloud PBX is $55 per line – Unlimited Local, National and Calls to Mobile included.

Customised Auto-Attendant

Engage callers with automated choices “Welcome to ABC Co, press 1 for service, 2 for sales, 3 for…”

Customised After Hours message

“Welcome to ABC Co, we are closed at present, please…”

Hunt Groups

Set rules about which phones ring when incoming calls are received – either as a group or sequentially

Agent Groups

Create groups that handle defined calls in rotation, with automated messages to callers where they are in the call queue

Voicemail to Email

Receive your voice messages on the go by email

Missed Call to Email

Be notified of any missed calls by email

Intelligent Call Routing

Define which phones ring before others, increase office efficiency and don’t disturb those who can’t help


Talk to your colleagues even when they won’t pick up – dial their extension, add a code and talk away

Call Hold

Put calls on hold and retrieve when ready

Call Park

Put a caller on hold and then pick up from another handset in a different location

Call Redial

Need to call the same number repeatedly? Only one button press required

Call Forward Busy

If your line is busy your calls are routed to a colleague

Call Forward Always

Have all calls forward from one number to another

Call Forward No Answer

If nobody picks up at a given extension, the call is routed to another desk phone / landline / mobile

Directed Call Pick

Pick up a call ringing on another handset

Inter office staff extensions

3 digit extensions simplify transfers within your organisation

Speed Dial

Program your handset for one touch dialling

Plug and Play Handset

All phones are tested at base and despatched ready to work out of the box

Conference Call

Put current caller on hold, dial a colleague and all three of you can talk together

Phone Twinning

When it rings on your desk phone it will ring on your mobile phone

Divert to multiple numbers

Divert to one number, or another, or another – or a mobile. Set up a chain of diversions for after hours or public holiday callers

Transfer directly to Voicemail

Offer callers the option of leaving a message for an absent colleague

Do Not Disturb (DND)

When you need absolute silence, press the DND button so all calls are immediately routed to voicemail

Barge in / Listen in / Teach mode

Help a co-worker by listening into their call or speaking directly to caller on their behalf

Caller ID

Know who is calling you before you pick up the handset

Block Caller ID (outgoing call)

Choose not to present your number to the person that you are calling

Call Back

Automatically receive a call back from a co-worker when their line becomes free

Call Waiting Activate / De-activate

Receive and alert while talking that another call is awaiting your attention

Dedicated Conference Group

Choose which handsets should be part of a specific conference group within the workplace

Busy Light Field (BLF)

Know which of your co-workers are on the phone instantly by looking at your screen

Block Anonymous Calls

Never receive an incoming call from an unknown caller again

Loudspeaker Paging

Companywide messages broadcast through every handset loudspeaker

Personalised Phone List

Store your most frequently used numbers in your own directory accessible through the control panel

Group Phone List

Store the company’s most frequently used numbers in a company wide directory accessible through the control panel

Residential Call Restrictions

Prevent calls to interstate / international or specific numbers


More than one phone can be registered to a single account on the PBX so that more than one phone can ring in different locations – even in different countries

High Definition Handset and Codecs

Tier 1 Carrier grade codecs (G.711) mean you get the best available sound quality in your handset

The Cloud PBX system that Comsource supplied when we moved to NBN has worked seamlessly and saved us some 30% a month on costs

Alex, IT Manager, Brunswick

Moving to Comsource has made our lives easier. We deal with our Account Manager directly and all our issues get resolved on the same day

Dr. Wayne, Family Doctor, Hervey Bay

Comsource really understands our business needs. We had an urgent fault and they even managed to send a technician on a Saturday

Dr. Julie, Vet, Port Melbourne

I just like speaking to the same person every time I call - and consolidating our different phone, mobile and Internet into one account just made sense

Marti, Business Manager, South Melbourne

We’ve dealt with the same guy for 4 years, they understand our day to day needs and are always very prompt in helping us out

Nikki, Practice Manager, Glen Iris

Phones are a critical part of our interface with clients and we wouldn’t entrust this to anybody else

Kathryn, Architect, Brighton

We love to talk and our team is here to help!