Business Fibre Internet

Australian Broadband Internet is mostly transmitted via aging copper lines running through underground pits and subject to flooding, difficult asbestos pipe removal and more – day to day performance of this legacy connection type is deteriorating rapidly. As a result, copper-based internet connectivity (such as ADSL2 or EFM) has experienced increasing problems such as constant dropouts and slow speeds in general. Businesses need a better solution to be able to be more competitive and upgrade to the latest tech.

Ultra Fast

Symmetric Download & Upload Speeds 10Mbps to 1000Mbps

Highly Reliable

99.95% uptime and Service Level Agreements means peace of mind for your business

Low Contention

A dedicated internet link with contention of 1:1 means consistent performance at all times of the day

Faster Cloud Access

With 82% of Australian Businesses using Cloud services (Google Drive, Dropbox, ZOHO etc) the speed and bandwidth possibilities mean faster collaboration and access to anything in the Cloud

Cloud PBX

Ideal for Cloud PBX voice technology

Unlimited Data

Business Grade Broadband delivered via AAPT Fibre

ZoneSpeed Mb/sInstallTermMonthly Charge
CBD10$130024 months$339
110$130024 months$339
210$130024 months$339
CBD20$130024 months$409
120$130024 months$409
220$130024 months$409
CBD10$036 months$339
110$036 months$339
210$036 months$339
CBD50$036 months$599
150$036 months$599
250$036 months$599
CBD100$036 months$709
1100$036 months$709
2100$036 months$709

Business Grade Broadband delivered via Telstra Fibre

ZoneSpeed Mb/sInstallTermMonthly Charge
CBD10$249924 months$550
110$249924 months$550
210$249924 months$550
CBD20$249924 months$750
120$249924 months$750
220$249924 months$750
CBD10$036 months$525
110$036 months$525
210$036 months$525
CBD20$036 months$725
250$036 months$850
CBD100$036 months$1100
1100$036 months$1100
2100$036 months$1100
CBD200$036 months$2700
1200$036 months$2700
2200$036 months$2700
CBD400$036 months$4688
1400$036 months$4688
2400$036 months$4688

The Cloud PBX system that Comsource supplied when we moved to NBN has worked seamlessly and saved us some 30% a month on costs

Alex, IT Manager, Brunswick

Moving to Comsource has made our lives easier. We deal with our Account Manager directly and all our issues get resolved on the same day

Dr. Wayne, Family Doctor, Hervey Bay

Comsource really understands our business needs. We had an urgent fault and they even managed to send a technician on a Saturday

Dr. Julie, Vet, Port Melbourne

I just like speaking to the same person every time I call - and consolidating our different phone, mobile and Internet into one account just made sense

Marti, Business Manager, South Melbourne

We’ve dealt with the same guy for 4 years, they understand our day to day needs and are always very prompt in helping us out

Nikki, Practice Manager, Glen Iris

Phones are a critical part of our interface with clients and we wouldn’t entrust this to anybody else

Kathryn, Architect, Brighton

We love to talk and our team is here to help!