Phone System

Want to further improve your business image?

Send a targeted message with customised inbound phone numbers and professional music on hold

I need a number to simplify customer contact

Get an inbound 13/1300/1800 number

I want to communicate my marketing messages

Create dedicated music on hold!

A Permanent Contact Number for all your Inbound Calls, Wherever, Whenever

Show national reach with Australia wide number

Regardless of where you’re located, present one number country wide.

Route calls to suit your business needs

With complex routing, have your calls answered at different locations depending on the origin of the call or the time of the call.

Hassle free relocation

Your 1300 number is not dependant on the location of your phone exchange or even your state so you can take the number with you as your business grows.

Customised Professional Voice Recordings for your Cloud PBX Phone System

Reinforce your brand

Take advantage of our included music on hold with a welcome message, hold music and and out of hours message for your phone system

Reach out to your customers while they wait on hold

Advertise a selection of promotions or seasonal offerings to your clients, with professionally recorded 30 second messages to advertise the best of what your business offers.

Flexible and timely control over your messages

Have messages recorded at a moment’s notice for up to 24 months for last minute promotions and campaigns

Australian Based Support you can count on.

Works out of the box

We test your system inhouse before courier dispatch so you don’t need a technician. Simply unpack, plug it in and start calling.

Australian based tech support

No overseas call centres means that you get direct access to our friendly technical team every time you call. All data is processed and stored within Australia to guarantee industry compliance.

SME experts

We talk to small and medium sized businesses all day every day – we understand your needs.

Consolidate services

We can simplify your life with one provider (and one bill) for all your phone, broadband, 4G mobile and 1300 needs.

"We are not very technical here so being able to access reliable phone support is crucial to us.” 

Neil J., Solicitor

We love to talk and our team is here to help!