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Business phone systems that work out of the box for small and medium sized businesses

It's all about the cloud. Starting with business website and email hosting, and moving onto hosted voice, we'll soon be rolling out cloud based business apps, conferencing solutions and new domain hosting plans. This is the future, no fluff.

I want to wow our customers

Cloud PBX full feature phone systems

I want to comply with NBN

NBN compatible phone systems for business

I just need to talk to my customers

Basic business phone and broadband bundle


Whatever your business needs, there is a cost effective solution most suited to you – from single lines to 100s of lines.

Business SIP Trunks

Use SIP technology to send and receive your calls over the internet - more cost effective than PSTN or ISDN and instantly flexible, perfect for businesses with multiple sites. more info

Business PSTN

Otherwise known as a traditional phone line, delivering your voice calls, fax calls and always necessary for the supply of ADSL2+. more info

Fax 2 Email

Cloud Fax turns your computer into an unlimited fax receiver allowing you to use your existing fax number with the NBN and Cloud PBX. more info

Our broadband solutions can take your business from zero to hero with speeds from 25 Mbs to 1000 Mbs /second.

As business moves increasingly to the cloud a powerful business grade internet service is crucial , choose from 4G, ADSL2+, NBN or Fibre.

I just want to get on NBN

High speed Business NBN broadband up to 1000MBPs/second

I need the fastest available business grade solution

Connect via fibre or ethernet for best in class broadband speeds

I want 4G backup to my broadband connection

Backup your business with a 4G data solution

I just need ADSL2 internet

Unlimited ADSL2 for business with fixed IP


Keep your fleet spend under control with no-contract plans that include unlimited calls, unlimited SMS and up to included data limits.

Business Mobile 4G

Using Australia's best 4G network for Business, contract free mobile plans make your mobile life simple. more info

Business Data 4G

High speed data downloads from the largest 4G network provider means trouble free downloads from more locations in Australia than ever before. more info



13, 1300 or 1800 Inbound numbers will enhance the image of your business to prospective customers while simplifying the process for of getting in touch. more info

Custom Hold Music

Customised Professional Voice Recordings for your Cloud PBX Phone System. more info