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Why should I care about the NBN cut off date?

12 Jan 2017

NBN will change the way your business functions. It is being rolled out across Australia by NBN Co, a government organisation.

Whereas traditionally telephone and Internet services were delivered over the copper network, majority serviced and maintained by Telstra, the NBN will be delivered through alternative technologies – mostly fibre. There are three types of fibre – Fibre to the Premises (FTTP), Fibre to the Basement (FTTB) and Fibre to the Node (FTTN). For outlying areas there is wireless internet (line of sight to an NBN tower) and the Sky Muster satellite for those areas without a tower to point their antenna towards.

Fibre to the Premises means the NBN cabling runs right to your building, Fibre to the Basement is seen in multiple occupancies (office blocks) and uses existing building wiring to bring the NBN signal to individual offices from the basement. Fibre to the Node will be more common in residential settings where the NBN signal is brought to a street corner, then copper wire transports the signal to the households. FTTN is increasingly popular as it allows multiple addresses to access the NBN with less expense and is less time consuming to roll out.

Because NBN uses a different technology than ADSL, the new service can be set up in parallel without impacting existing broadband access. The beauty of this being that you choose when to switch from one to the other, perhaps after hours for a busy professional office.

Whichever method of NBN delivery you receive, the copper cut-off date is typically 18 months following the first availability of NBN in your suburb. The date at which you can apply for NBN is known as your Ready for Service Date (RFSD).

It is important to know that the Ready for Service Date means your copper services WILL be disconnected within 18 months of receiving notice from Comsource that you are eligible for NBN. Telstra will be disconnecting copper services and in some cases digging up the copper for the recycling market. To avoid any disruption to your day to day business please get in contact with your Comsource Account Manager today to discuss your timetable and organise a smooth transition to NBN – for your data and voice traffic.


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