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Hate cables? Run your office phones on Wi-Fi not cables

17 Jun 2019

Your desktop computers can work on wi-fi so why not your phones?

Say goodbye to the expense and intrusion of Cat 5 cabling for desktop phones. You can have your cake and eat it with Cloud handsets running on Wi-Fi adapters. Instead of cabling your phones to one another, use a wi-fi network to free you from cabling costs and unsightly cabling.

Wi-fi dongles are an increasingly popular solution for small businesses that need new phones but cannot stomach the cost and upheaval of old fashioned Cat 5 wiring from phone to phone. Dongles from $47 each will communicate with your phone router via Wi-Fi so there’s no need to run more cables across your workspace.

Our testing has shown effective coverage indoors up to 50 metres (passing through walls and doorways).


  • Lower costs – wi-fi dongles from $47 and compatible Yealink handsets from $199
  • Minimum disturbance to colleagues – no disruption from on-site cable works
  • Speed – it works straight out of the box

Using Wi-Fi dongles in your office requires a VoIP phone system. Comsource Cloud phone systems for business are configured on-site prior to despatch so that they work straight out of the box and there’s no need for a technician. We support our systems all the way to your desk with our Australia based business technical support.


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