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Is Your 4G Backup as Fast as the NBN?

12 Feb 2021

With business communication ever-more reliant on the internet, NBN outages can be a major disruption. This is where a 4G backup modem can keep your operations running.

The 4G backup can be used to keep your business online when the NBN goes down, or even while you wait to be NBN-connected.

These modems work by being able to connect to the NBN as well as the 4G mobile network. If your NBN is disrupted, the modem will automatically rollover to 4G to keep you online.

While 4G backup usually works well at home to continue your Netflix binge, this service can be problematic for your business if you don’t pay attention to the fine print.

Other providers provide a similar service, but what they don’t always highlight is your backup speeds can be capped when you fallback to the mobile network. This cap can be as slow as 12Mbps for download speeds and 1Mbps for uploads.

If the NBN goes down, these 4G speeds are sufficient to carry phone calls but will likely cause difficulties when multiple computers are reliant on the connection at the same time. The low upstream bandwidth can be especially problematic for larger uploads.

Comsource’s 4G backup service allows you to do business as usual, with uncapped speeds. We don’t throttle the 4G backup, so the service can use the maximum speed that’s able to be provided by the network at the time.

In some areas, for some customers, Comsource’s 4G backup could potentially be as fast as the NBN, depending on the distance from the tower, and what NBN plan they are on.

Our 4G backup removes operational vulnerabilities by allowing your business to keep EFTPOS, phones and browsers operating during area outages. Does your existing provider offer 4G backup with the same speeds as your NBN?

To find out how to protect your business operations during an NBN outage, contact us today.

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