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SIP Trunks

Business SIP Trunks

Business Grade IP Phone Lines and Great Value Calls that SAVE you money.

  • Suitable for businesses with an IP PBX
  • Suitable for Businesses with a SIP Gateway
  • Cheaper calls, connection fees and line costs
  • FREE calls between offices
  • Modern alternative to ISDN Channels
  • Available in 2 line multiples (2,4,6,8,10 etc)
  • Direct Indial Number Range in batches of 10
  • Cheaper relocation costs
  • Optimal for NBN ready businesses

    The ideal solution when moving your voice services from copper to NBN. With SIP Trunks you can easily increase or decrease your lines as and when you need.

  • Combine with your current PBX or SIP Gateway

    Our SIP Trunks work with most SIP enabled PBXs and Gateways- good news if you have already invested in a system

  • Get ahead of the Pack

    One day all Australians will communicate via SIP Trunks, upgrade your hardware now and start saving on all you outgoing calls and service rental.

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