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Business Optus Multiline

A cost effective ISDN alternative for metropolitan businesses. Operating on the Optus fixed line network, Multiline offers more flexibility than standard ISDN.

  • Flexible solution for larger offices
  • Direct Indial Range (100 numbers) - allows every staff member to have their own number
  • Compatible with a wide range of digital PABX
  • Hunt Groups - finds the first available person
  • Optus advanced digital network
  • Calling Number Display - show either the direct extension number or a main number
  • Extension Level Billing - know how much each person uses the phone
  • Remote Access - enables one channel to be able to control the PABX remotely
  • Substantially lower monthly costs than standard ISDN
  • FREE installation on 24 month agreements
  • Compatible with a wide range of digital PABX's
  • Channel flexibility

    Add or remove channels as you need to adapt to the growth of your business. Minimum of 10 channels required initially and then remove or add in single channels as desired.

  • Cost Effective

    Substantially cheaper than ISDN services operating on the Telstra network with the call quality and reliability expected of a 20+ employee organization.

  • Direct Indial Range (100)

    Have up to 100 different phones numbers for your staff, improving your company image while allowing more efficient time management and call handling.

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